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Cesarean Section in the News –– Maternal Choice
Updated April 3, 2006 ...

Childbirth Connection: NIH Cesarean Conference: Interpreting Meeting and
Media Reports

Updated March 30, 2006 ...

NIH Conference on ‘Cesarean Delivery by Maternal Request’
This State-of-the-Science Conference was held March 27-29; a selected panel examined existing evidence regarding the incidence and safety of cesarean section by “maternal request” and have posted a draft report with recommendations regarding future research.

Two members of CfM’s Board attended and participated in the lively question periods and public comment session.  They will be reporting on the content and process of the conference in the future.

The draft Report of the Panel, which reflected very little of the public comments, was announced on Wednesday, March 29 at the end of the conference.  The draft report has been posted and a web cast record of the entire conference is available.

Citizens for Midwifery distributed press packets including two CfM press releases ("Patient Choice" Cesareans? and Patient Choice Cesarean Sections Almost Non-Existent) to journalists who attended the Press Conference where the report was announced.

Additional Relevant Press Releases
"Lamaze International Disputes Recommendations on Elective Cesarean 

"ICAN responds to Maternal Request Cesarean Statement by NIH"

"American College of Nurse-Midwives Calls for Accurate Reporting on New NIH Findings about Cesarean Delivery"

Updated March 20, 2006 ...

CfM News Release:  Problems with Cesarean Sections
In conjunction with ACNM’s Media Briefing (see below), Citizens for Midwifery prepared this news release Problems with Cesarean Sections and Fact Sheet Out of Hospital Midwifery Care: Much Lower Rates of Cesarean Sections for Low-Risk Women.  

Citizens for Midwifery supports the rights of women to autonomy and bodily integrity regarding maternity care and birthing choices.  Such choices should be made in the context of full disclosure and honest, unbiased and complete informed consent processes.  Cesarean sections for no medical indication, by “maternal request” or not, entail serious risks, unnecessarily use scarce healthcare resources, and entail extra costs born by the public.  Citizens for Midwifery supports maternity care that nurtures and enables normal birth with minimal interventions.

ACNM Media Briefing
The ACNM held a media briefing Monday, March 20, in
Washington, DC, “The Untold Story of Cesarean Birth: Risks from Complications Understated and Misunderstood" to highlight complications from cesarean section and new national data on women's views and experiences.  Read more about the media briefing and ACNM’s press release.  The press release includes links and quotes from leaders of the participating national childbirth organizations.  Links to media briefing materials, including fact sheets and articles from the various organizations are also available.

In addition to Citizens for Midwifery, organizations supporting the media briefing include: the American Association of Birth Centers, Childbirth Connection, Coalition for Improving Maternity Services, International Cesarean Awareness Network, and Lamaze International.

Childbirth Connection: Listening To Mothers Survey 2005
At the ACNM briefing, Childbirth Connection is releasing preliminary findings from the second Listening to Mothers Survey relating to cesarean sections. Results indicate that women VERY rarely schedule first cesareans by choice without a medical reason.

NIH Conference on ‘cesarean delivery by maternal request’
The ACNM briefing is scheduled one week before a major National Institutes of Health State-of-the-Science Conference:  Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request .

The conference, which was planned in the absence of any hard data regarding so-called “patient choice” cesarean sections, will take place March 27-29 (registration deadline is March 24). There will be a live webcast of the conference sessions. The conference will end with a press conference announcing the recommendations of the panelists for future research in this area.

Updated February 7, 2007 ...

Useful Fact Sheets Available On-Line
(for a more complete list read The REDUCE Campaign on the ACNM website.):

Citizens for Midwifery's Out-of-Hospital Midwifery Care: Much Lower Rates of Cesarean Section for Low Risk Women

CfM Position on the Issue of “Maternal Request” Cesarean Sections: Ill-Advised for Healthy Normal Mothers and Babies

ACNM’s Frequently Asked Questions:

"Elective Cesarean Surgery Versus Planned Vaginal Birth: What Are the Consequences?"

"The Problem with 'Maternal Request' Cesarean"

Sharp Rise in C-Section Rate (with many links)

The Risks of Cesarean Section for Mother and Baby

ICAN White Papers

Our Bodies Our Selves: Maternal Request for Cesarean Section, Myth or Reality?

Our Bodies Our Selves: Comments on the National Institutes of Health State of the Science
conference 'Cesarean Section by Maternal Request' by Susan Hodges




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