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CfM TOOLKIT: Stand Up for Homebirth!


We know that you understand this issue!  Don’t hesitate because you think you don’t know enough, or don’t have time to communicate in depth and detail; even a brief handwritten letter gets attention. The idea is for legislators to hear from a lot of us, because they are certainly hearing from ACOG and AMA lobbyists.

You probably know this issue very well, and telling your own story about why you chose to have your baby at home is probably the most powerful argument you will have.  Along with the key message points, briefly telling your story, about why you planned a home birth, or why this issue is important to you, can be very powerful.  DO NOT focus on your positive experience, but rather on the reasons behind your decision to plan a homebirth.

We have included a comprehensive collection of resources here for your use as needed.  If you have a group of people going, you will want to break up some of these topics.  Most of this is pretty straightforward, but can detailed.

 You don’t have to become an expert, but if you are familiar with the basic outlines of the issue, you feel more confident making your case and answering questions. Even if you don't have the time or desire to do in depth research, the information included in our recommended list of materials for legislative packets [link to Materials Page] will help ground you in the the most important points.


   Statements from ACOG & the AMA
   Responses to AMA & ACOG Statements
   Media Coverage
   About Planned Homebirth
   About Midwives & Midwifery
   About Problems with Maternity Care in the US
   About Patients Rights & Human Rights

Statements from ACOG & the AMA 

    · American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) Statement
    · American Medical Association (AMA) Resolution
    · ACOG Review of 2007
      About ACOG & the AMA -- What You Need to Know- NEEDS LINK


Responses to AMA & ACOG Statements


CfM Response – 

·         Childbirth Connection resources and a joint letter sent by Childbirth Connection and other organizations.
·         American College of Nurse Midwives Response -PDFs- Letter  and Addenda 
·         Midwives Alliance of North America - PDF
·         Big Push for Midwives – PDFs on the AMA Resolution  and More on the AMA Resolution; on the ACOG Statement 
·         Maine Association of CPMs – A Word Doc
·         ICAN – weblink
·         Stuart Fischbein of the Birth Action Coalition – weblink
·         Holistic Moms - PDF
          Condensed Responses Fact Sheet- NEED LINK TO PAGE

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