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Trying to find an article you read in the Citizens for Midwifery News awhile back?  Well, you've come to the right place!  The following newsletters are in .pdf format, ready to print out or read on your computer screen. 

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Citizens for Midwifery News, Summer 2006
Includes: NIH Conference on Cesarean Section by Maternal Request; CfM at the 2006 CIMS Forum and Meeting; CfM's Position on the Issue of "Maternal Request" Cesarean Sections: Ill Advised for Normal Healthy Mothers and Babies; Abortion Issues Divides, Distracts Us From Common Threats and Threads.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Summer 2005
Includes: Landmark Study Reports Home Births are Safe!; Mothering Magazine Features Birth Advocacy; More About Mortality Statistics.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Winter 2004
Includes: Changing Birthing Practices at Hospitals; Are VBACs "Safe" in Birth Centers?; Cesarean Section Rate for 2003 Highest Ever at 27.6%; Making Our Voices Heard: Highlighting Midwifery in Health Care Policy Debates.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Summer 2004
Includes: Effects of Hospital Economics on Maternity Care; The March for Women's Lives; 100% Coverage: My Struggle Having a Home Birth Paid for by the Insurance Company; An Essay About Risk; Unhappy With Your Maternity Care? File a Complaint!

Citizens for Midwifery News, Winter 2003
Includes: Breastfeeding and Birth - Parallel Paths Coming Together; ACOG Ethics Opinion: Elective Cesareans are Ethical.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Fall 2003
Includes: Setting Up a Library Display for Public Awareness; YOUterus; National Statistics for 2002: Cesarean Rate Rises to Highest Ever Reported in the United States.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Spring 2003
Includes: New Hampshire Midwives Quit Rather than be Physician Extenders; Issues for Midwifery: Emerging Trends; Press and Media: "How-to" Resources.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Winter 2002
Includes: Postpartum Blues: Depression or Trauma?; CfM at UHCAN Conference; Listening to Mothers Survey Unveiled; Alternative Link: Health Care Codes.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Fall 2002
Includes: Do You Know Where Your Information Came From?; Reading Scientific Birth Studies Carefully: Washington State Home Birth Study; Childbirth May Not Cause Incontinence; NARM Receives Accreditation; CfM President Speaks in Mexico; Midwives and the Law.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Summer 2002
Includes: Birth Studies in the News; Medical Model Maternity Care and "Violence Against Women;" A Doctor That Doesn't Fit the Mold.

Citizens for Midwifery News, Spring 2002
Includes: First Two Facilities Designated as Mother-Friendly™; Guidelines for Quoting, Reprinting and Adapting CfM Literature; Midwives in Court: Fighting Back; Challenging ACOG.