CfM to present a plenary session at MANA 2015
Cfm will present a plenary session, "Changemakers Unite! How To Build Lasting, Effective Midwifery Coalitions. What Works and What Doesn't" at the MANA 2015 Conference. CfM has conducted survey research to identify ways in which consumers, midwives, and other stakeholders have worked together in coalitions on midwifery legislation, policy, rule changes, reimbursement reform, or threats to previous legislative or policy gains at the state or local level. The survey also looked at what characteristics, events, or personalities have led to successful or unsuccessful coalitions. The results will be shared during a presentation at the MANA 2015 conference and in other educational capacities. Thank you o all the midwifery advocates who shared their experience and expertise. Visit for more information on the presentation.