MANA Resolution to Support Citizens for Midwifery!

WHEREAS midwives exist to serve and support childbearing women and their families, to help achieve their birth plans and to facilitate safe birth; and

WHEREAS MANA’s philosophy is woman-centered and respectful of childbearing women, their families, and their communities; and

WHEREAS MANA recognizes that childbearing women should be involved in the development and maintenance of midwifery policies; and

WHEREAS the goals of Citizens for Midwifery and MANA are compatible and complementary in many areas, including public education and legislation regarding midwifery; and

WHEREAS Citizens for Midwifery encourages women and families to actively advocate for the midwifery model of care and provides information and resources to promote activism; and

WHEREAS the organizational missions of Citizens for Midwifery and MANA together are critical cornerstones to the advancement of midwifery in North America; and

WHEREAS MANA’s mission and goals are strengthened by the support of a national organization of consumer advocates; and

WHEREAS long-term sustainability of Citizens for Midwifery is crucial in promoting midwifery as a national health care policy;

THEREFORE , be it Resolved that —

The Midwives Alliance of North America Board of Directors endorses

Citizens for Midwifery by recommending that:

  • MANA members join Citizens for Midwifery; and.
  • MANA members work with Citizens for Midwifery to develop an effective grassroots advocacy network; and.
  • MANA members encourage their clients to join Citizens for Midwifery.

PRESENTED this Twentieth day of September, in the year Two Thousand and One.