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Now In: Handouts

This attractive 8.5x11 promotional tool was initially designed as a poster for our CfM booth, but we quickly realized the value of having a handout that brings the work of. It brings the work of CfM, CIMS and Lamaze together for illustration purposes.

From CfM: the definition of The Midwives Model of Care

From CIMS: The Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care

From Lamaze: Six Care Practices that Support Normal Birth

"What Does Good Maternity Care Look Like?" A Handout in a Pack of 25

Pack of 25 handouts

In Stock: No
Price: $6.00

"What Does Good Maternity Care Look Like?" Pack of 100

Packet Size: 100

In Stock: No
Price: $20.00

"What Does Good Maternity Care Look Like?" - Single Sample

Single Sample

In Stock: Yes
Price: $1.00