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You can't convey everything you want to say, or provide the full breadth of research in a discussion.  We strongly suggest that you bring a packet of pertinent literature to go over and leave with for the Legislator. Before your meeting be sure to read the materials included.


Also include a cover letter with contact and background information about you and your organization (all those participating). The letter should mention that you are a constituent (if you are), explain your position, offer to: provide further information if needed, and ask the legislator :
  • question the motives and evidence used by professional associations.
  • make decisions based on what science tells us is best for mothers and babies,
  • take the time to research this issue.

Use a businesslike presentation for the packet. We have developed a list of recommended resources to include.  Also, you can obtain printed Midwives Model of Care folders to put these materials in and make your presentation more professional.


You can also purchase a prepared "sample" packet for use on your own or to examine when putting together materials for a large group in your state. You can purchase the folders and sample packets through the CfM Online Store.

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Here is what we recommend for a basic packet.

Include some or all of the following recommended list of literature, and customize it as you see fit with additional items from Resources and Important Information.

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Other materials to consider if appropriate

         Effect of Hospital Economics article

         Spin Doctoring the Research

         Ideals vs Reality Fact Sheet – [pdf coming soon]

         Overview of Maternity Care in the US – [pdf coming soon]

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