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     Phone: 1-888-CfM-4880

Nasima Pfaffl, President and Interim Secretary
West Melbourne, FL

    Nasima Pfaffl, MA is medical sociologist with a focus on social movements and women’s health. She is a second generation homebirth mom. She currently works for the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council as their Accreditation Coordinator. She is the current President of Citizens for Midwifery and serves on the MAMA Campaign steering committee. She has served on the Birth Network National Board, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services Leadership Team (Board), and as the Grassroots Advocates Committee Co-Chair and Survey Team Lead for The Birth Survey, and has severed on the CfM Board since 2006. Nasima focuses on collation building and utilizing capacity building technologies and tools to make midwifery advocacy organizations stronger, more effective and able to create the change needed in our broken maternity care system. She lives in Florida with her son and husband.

Willa Powell, Vice President and Interim Treasurer

    Rochester, NY 
    Willa Powell filled a CfM Board vacancy in 1999, and was named Treasurer at the 1999 Annual Meeting. She is married and the mother of four children ages 25, 19, 14 and 7. Her first child was born via c-section due to breech presentation, her second was a hospital VBAC, and her third was an unattended home birth, and finally she got her hearts desire: a midwife attended home birth. Willa discovered CfM as part of the healing search for a better answer to the choices women face, whether due to the presence or absence of the right professionals, or due to their childbearing history and the professional prejudice that comes with that history. "My goal through CfM is to bring Informed Decision Making, which is at the heart of the Midwives Model of Care, into every birth experience." She comments, "My first home birth was unattended because the obstetrician with whom my CNM had a practice agreement would not support the home birth plan and would not allow my midwife to come to me. No one should have to make the choice between an unattended birth and a coerced and unnecessary hospital stay." Willa holds an AAS in Business Administration, and a BS in CPA Accounting from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She currently serves an elected position on the local school board. Willa hopes to make a permanent difference in health and education in her state (NY). Willa interacts with people across the full ideological spectrum, and looks for opportunities to challenge the dominant paradigms! Willa's other organizational affiliations include Metro Justice, NYPIRG, the Democratic Party, NOW, ICAN, the Rochester Area Birth Network and, of course, CfM and NYFOM.

Hillary Boucher, CfM Board Member, Communication and Social Media
    Hillary is a social media strategist and small business owner who applies her web 2.0 skills to her birth activism. Founding member of Free Our Midwives she currently works with Citizens of Midwifery and sits on the board of directors as the technology and marketing chair. She is co-creator of the #birthgenius Twitter community, facilitating conversations among birth professionals about how to reach women in a digital world. All three of Hillary’s children were delivered with midwives. She writes about the opportunity to arm women with evidence based info through the use of social media at

Jeanette McCulloch, CfM Board Member, Communications and Marketing
Jeanette McCulloch brings together strategic communications skills with experience in providing birth and breastfeeding services and maternal/infant health advocacy.  Jeanette worked for more than a decade on women’s health policy, state legislative work, and public interest public relations.  As an account supervisor with Valerie Denney Communications, she oversaw communications strategies for local Chicago-based community organizations, statewide legislative and PR campaigns, and national advocacy efforts.  Her primary issue areas included low-income access to health care, environmental justice, criminal justice and grassroots community organizing. Since the birth of her two children, both born with midwives, Jeanette has focused on supporting women in the childbearing year.   She is an IBCLC and for nine years served as the director of Birthways, a community of more than 25 doulas in Chicago.  She is a birth and maternal health activist working on the local, state and national level.  After helping to launch the campaign, she recently joined the Citizens for Midwifery board as the communications chair.  She is a founder of BirthSwell, a community of birth and breastfeeding professionals using social media and communication skills to spread evidence-based information to women.

Lauren Korfine, CfM Board Member, Research Chair
Ithaca, NY
Lauren is the mother of three children born into the hands of midwives. She is also a doula, community educator, and consumer advocate. Prior to having children, she was a lecturer in psychology and women’s studies. She is a founding member of BirthNet of the Finger Lakes and Free Our Midwives, consumer advocacy and education organizations. Lauren has been a grassroots activist for over 20 years, organizing around peace, environmentalism and various issues that touch the lives of women. She received her degrees from Cornell and Harvard Universities, but her education from her three children. She lives with her family in Ithaca, New York.

Susan Hodges, Past President     
    Athens, GA
     Susan Hodges, a home birth mom and midwifery advocate since 1985, lives in Athens, GA, where her two children were born at home with a midwife, and where she was active locally and at the state level to increase birth options. This work led to her becoming a consumer participant in NARM’s Certification Task Force (1994-1996) which developed the Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential. A founding member of Citizens for Midwifery, she was President 1996-2010, during which time CfM produced the Midwives Model of Care brochure among other accomplishments. She continues on the CfM Board as Past President. As a member of the Consumer Panel of the Cochrane Collaboration's Pregnancy and Childbirth Group from 2000-2010 she provided consumer-viewpoint feedback on pregnancy-related manuscripts. Susan has presented many workshops and talks; publications include: A consumer viewpoint: Challenges for Birth-Related Research. (BIRTH 27:4 Dec 2000). Beginning in 2009, she has been Co-Chair of the Midwives and Mothers (MAMA) Campaign to achieve federal recognition of Certified Professional Midwives as Medicaid providers. 


Former Board Member Memorial:

Paula J Mandell

May 14, 1959 - January 4, 2008


The Board of Directors of Citizens for Midwifery remembers Paula with love and great appreciation.  She was a wise and wonderful friend in addition to contributing her time and talent to the organization for many years.  We will miss her.

Paula was involved with Citizens for Midwifery since 1996, when she volunteered to help with the CfM News, a simple black and white photocopied publication at the time. She was involved with the development of the new logo, newsletter design and website design, and their implementation, in 2000. She also filled a vacancy on the Board of Directors in that year and served on the Board through 2005. Over all those years she continued to format the newsletter, keep the website updated, and administer the Grassroots Network. She also created ads, signs and fliers as needed.

Prior to 2000 Paula was an independent midwife for 12 years in Nebraska and Arkansas. She also did volunteer work for a local domestic violence shelter for 6 years, and later volunteered with a home-hospice care organization.

Through all these years we have enjoyed her wit and wisdom, and greatly appreciated all the work she contributed to Citizens for Midwifery. 

If you knew Paula, written condolences sent c/o Citizens for Midwifery will be forwarded to her family.

If you want to make a donation in her memory, memorial donations can be made to any of the following:

 * American Cancer Society

c/o Tess Mandell

137 Andrews Memorial Drive

Rochester NY 14623

(Paula’s daughter Tess will use donations to sponsor a luminaria in her mother’s memory)


* Planned Parenthood Federation of America

434 West 33rd Street

New York NY 10001


 * The Jewish Federation of Omaha

333 South 132 Street

Omaha NE 68154


* Citizens for Midwifery

PO Box 82227

Athens GA 30608-2227