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Legal by judicial interpretation, under attack by state government.

Direct entry midwives were thought to be legal based on the outcome of a legal case several years ago. However, in the fall of 1997 five midwives were investigated by the state for practicing medicine without a license and were served cease and desist orders; the two who were Certified Professional Midwives CPMs) challenged the Department of Professional regulation and brought a counter-suit against the state. As of October 1998, they are awaiting a judge's decision.

Previous attempts to pass legislation for licensing direct entry midwives have been unsuccessful, with opposition coming from the Department of Professional regulation, Illinois Department of Public Health, The Illinois State Medical Society and the Illinois chapter of the American College of Nurse Midwives. In 1998 several CPMs founded the National Certified Professional Midwives Guild (NCPMG) as one way to develop some political clout for CPMs across the country. (See CfM News July 1998.)

Illinois Families for Midwifery

The purpose of this organization is to increase public awareness of the safety, availability, and benefits of the Midwives Model of Care. Recent activities of the organization include educational efforts regarding the need for a Certified Professional Midwife Licensing Law in the State of Illinois. IFFM has an active email list.

Alternate contact (Northern Illinois): Colette Bernhard (773) 278-8625.

Contact: Pat Cole, President
P. O. Box 134
Bellflower, IL 61724
Phone: 309-722-3345

Illinois Alliance of Midwives

The Illinois Alliance of Midwives began in 1983 as an organization designed to unite Illinois midwives, enhance communication, provide for continuing education opportunities, and encourage legislative attempts which would provide licensure for direct entry midwives.

Contact: Valerie Vickerman Runes
PO Box 1755
Oak Park, IL 60304

None at this time

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