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Direct entry midwives practice legally in the state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota midwifery-licensing bill was signed into law in July 1999. The Midwifery Advisory Council consists of three "traditional" (direct entry) midwives, one homebirth consumer and one OB physician. This Council advises the Board of Medical Practice (BMP) about "traditional" midwifery and is the first to see and process each application for licensure. The Council makes a recommendation to the BMP, where it is reviewed by a five-member BMP "licensure committee." If passed, it then goes to the full BMP for their approval/denial -- a three-stage process before a license is granted.

There are no plans to write 'rules and regs.' In the statute our protocols and scope of practice are taken directly from a Standards of Care document that was authored by a collective of midwives in the Minnesota Midwives' Guild.

The whole ordeal has gone very slowly. There have been delays and stall tactics, but we have persisted and pushed and prodded and FINALLY the first of hopefully many more have been granted a license!

Minnesota Families for Midwifery

MFfM is a grassroots parents' and citizens' organization promoting midwife-attended births at home, in birth centers and hospitals throughout Minnesota.

, MN

Minnesota Midwives' Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to oversee any and all changes in midwifery protocols, particularly as they pertain to the practice of licensed traditional midwifery. The Guild is made up of experienced midwives and the original, who regularly review the protocols for necessary and/or proposed changes. All midwives in Minnesota are encouraged to give input. We believe midwifery protocols should be overseen by midwives, not a medical board, and are proud our standards are written into the law.

Contact: Kim Garrett, Secretary
, MN
Phone: 952-924-1079

Midwifery Now! Inc

MNow! is a grassroots midwifery organization that offers education, legal, and legislative support to promote and protect the Midwives Model of Care for licensed and non licensed midwives in Minnesota. It is a non-member organization and all midwives are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Contact: Jeanne Bazille, President
St. Paul, MN
Phone: 651-770-9494

Minnesota Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives


Minnesota Council of CPMs


Contact Info:

Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives

Website: PO Box 40462

Saint Paul MN 55104-5485

None at this time

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