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Citizens for Midwifery now has an ONLINE SHOPPING CART for brochures, information packets, memberships, and more!  Explore our online store and see just how easy it is to do your "shopping" online! 

If you're more comfortable shopping through the mail, use our printable order form and send it, along with your payment, through the US Postal Service.  Adobe Acrobat Reader software (a free download) is required to view and print this form. Download the latest version here.


    Please note:  The item titles below will automatically link to the CfM Online Store.

Citizens for Midwifery Brochure

A tri-fold brochure that describes Citizens for Midwifery and how to join.

For a sample copy send a SASE to: Citizens for Midwifery, PO Box 82227, Athens, GA 30608-2227 or e-mail or phone your request (be sure to include your name and address).

CfM Brochures and "Free Issue" Postcards

Packet includes 25 CfM brochures, along with 25 postcards that can be mailed in for a sample copy of Citizens for Midwifery News. A great way to introduce clients and others in your community to the work CfM is doing!

CfM Membership Fliers

A two-color flier describing Citizens for Midwifery, along with a tear-off membership form. This is a good alternative to the CfM brochure for clients and conference tables!

Especially for Midwives: The following links are free PDFs to use in conjunction with our other materials.

  • Click here for a Dear Midwifery Client Letter to use in conjunction with a gift membership.
  • Click here for a Dear Midwifery Client Letter to print on the back of the two-color CfM flier.
  • Click here for a Dear Midwifery Client Letter to use with a CfM brochure or as a stand alone letter explaining why its important to support Citizens for Midwifery.
If you have suggestions for further letters to accompany our materials please e-mail

Midwives Model of Care Brochure

A four-color brochure that describes what to expect from a caregiver providing the Midwives Model of Care.

(A Spanish version of the brochure is also available in the old two-color design.) Both versions have a blank space on the back where your organization or business can add contact information.

For a sample copy send a SASE to: Citizens for Midwifery, PO Box 82227, Athens, GA 30608-2227 or e-mail or phone your request (be sure to include your name and address).

Midwives Model of Care Pocket Folders
This is a pack of 25 high quality color pocket folders with the
Midwives Model of Care design on the front and description on the back.
The folder has two interior pockets with business card slots on both
pockets. These will make very pleasing packets for legislators, other
stake holders, or clients
 What Does Good Maternity Care Look Like Handouts

This attractive 8.5x11 promotional tool displays together the Midwives Model of Care, the CIMS Mother-friendly Childbirth Intiative, and the Six Care Practices that Support Normal Birth . It illustrates the commonalities between these evidence-based models of what good maternity care looks like. It was initially designed as a poster for our CfM booth, but we quickly realized the value of having a handout that brings the work of CfM, CIMS and Lamaze together for illustration purposes. We anticipate that it will be used primarily in education packets for state legislators.

Organizing Packet

A collection of articles, "how-to's," tips and ideas for all aspects of grassroots organizing for midwifery advocacy, based on the experiences of CfM officers and members over the years. This packet includes a substantial section about legislative hearings – what they are and  tips for presenting testimony. About 50 pages.

Public Education Packet

Guidelines for thinking through public education events and projects. Setting goals, using guiding principles for effectiveness, and many practical ideas and how-to's make up this packet. About 25 pages.

Using the Media Packet

What is "media," how to use the media, planning a media event and a media campaign are all addressed in this packet. About 13 pages.

Pocket Guide to Midwifery Care- IS NO LONGER FOR SALE

The Pocket Guide to Midwifery Care by Aviva Jill Romm, The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA 1998. A well-researched and comprehensive pocket-sized guide about midwifery, home birth and related issues by midwife and herbalist Aviva Romm.

Reviewed by Susan Hodges in the CfM News, Vol. 4, Issue 2, April 1999:

Aimed at the pregnant consumer, this 112 page little book presents a well-rounded picture of midwifery today. Romm discusses issues of care, packing the book with statistics and references regarding midwifery and homebirth safety, plus what kind of care to expect from a midwife, and questions to ask oneself and a potential care provider. Extending far beyond care, Romm manages to put midwifery into an historical and political perspective by including the background, education and credentialing of midwifery, accentuating differences between midwifery and medical models of care, and bringing up such pertinent matters as insurance, cost, legality and freedom. Romm gives the consumer something far different than they will find elsewhere: a guide to care which includes the larger picture necessary to make truly informed decisions. In the end she goes so far as to urge consumers to get involved, stating, "Families who have received midwifery care are among the most effective vehicles for creating changes in the legal status of midwifery." The idea of turning expectant parents into informed consumers, and doing it in a size that fits in your shirt pocket, is the greatest appeal of this handy reference.

Born in the USA Video

Brilliant video. Share this one during your next fundraiser or local get-together! Great for childbirth educators, too. Click here to read a review of Born in the USA published in the Citizens for Midwifery News.

Formerly available to CfM members at a special price, now available only directly from the producers. Go to  for ordering options, where it is available as an updated DVD along with free downloadable guides..

Midwives: A Living Tradition DVD (1998, 68:30 min.)

A video produced by Cassandra Doughty and Valerie Ann Toizer in 1998 (68:30 min.). $30 includes shipping.  (VHS format available by special order.)

Reviewed by Susan Hodges in the CfM News, Vol. 4, Issue 2, April 1999:

What is a midwife? What do midwives do? How do they do it? Where do they do it? Why do they practice? What is it like to be cared for by a midwife during pregnancy and childbirth? This video answers all of these questions in an informative tapestry of midwives in action as well as talking about their work and philosophy, along with actual births and mothers talking about their birth experiences. Although somewhat long,the video provides an excellent introduction to the kind of care midwives can provide in various settings, and the benefits of that care for mothers and babies.

Broken into sections by a humorous and homey cartoon story, the video includes both nurse-midwives and direct entry midwives – eight in all. The several different nurse midwives each have distinctive practices in particular settings, from an inner city hospital, to a small town birth center and home birth practice, to a Native American home birth midwife. Woven throughout the midwives' narratives are a number of home and birth center births, including a water birth at the end. Thank you to these women and families who have shared their special moments with all of us.

Comments and discussion throughout cover the many issues, such as the positive effects of midwifery care on pain, the benefits of natural (drug and intervention-free) childbirth, the special benefits of emotional support provided by the midwives, safety considerations, and the importance for the mother to be able to choose the setting in which she feels safest and most comfortable.

The video includes a number of different kinds of midwives as well as each of them helping one or more mothers give birth – a valuable feature allowed by the length of the video. The careful observer will note the subtle differences in their styles of care. However, the recurrent theme is that birth is both normal and absolutely miraculous. As one ofthe CNMs summarizes near the end – what all midwives have in common is their belief in the innate ability of women to give birth. The video demonstrates how this fundamental belief shapes the kind of care these midwives provide regardless of their credentials.

The birth segments naturally do include fairly explicit but appropriate nudity. In my opinion, this video would be appropriate for mature high school classes and anyone else who would like in-depth information about midwives and the care they can provide along with some examples of natural childbirth in relaxed settings. It would provide a great basis for discussion about the Midwifery Model of Care, and why the kind of care being given is more important than the initials after someone's name.

The Birth Book (limited reprint 2007, original printing 1972)

This "old friend" written by Raven Lang predated Spiritual Midwifery by several years. This is a limited edition 2007 reprint which differs in only two significant ways from the 1972 original: 1) every copy is signed by the author, and 2) it now has page numbers. If you are a long-time birth advocate or midwife, and you have always wanted a signed copy... or perhaps you had a copy once-upon-a-time and haven't been able to find a replacement, this is the chance of a lifetime! We are honored that Raven Lang is offering this book for sale through Citizens for Midwifery, so that a portion of each sale benefits CfM and helps to advance the cause of midwifery.